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Welcome to the Douse House!


We are a purpose-filled family helping other families build lives they are proud of.


Together, Torance and Samantha are a dynamic team that can't help but to challenge their networks and communities toward growth.


If you are seeking an evolution, any change or even a movement personally or professionally, let's make it happen through our work together! 



Of course you have goals!

Are you hoping to lose weight?
Planning for the launch of your new business?
Anxious to finish writing your book or album?

There's one thing in common with all of these goals:

You need accountability.

Let's face the facts! No great goal was accomplished without accountability. You will get tired. You will want to give up. Accountability makes it possible to actually see your goal realized! That's why Ben had Jerry, Hewlett had Packard, Wells had Fargo and heck, Harry had Ron and Hermoine!

I'm ready to be your and. Let's chat about how to actually achieve the goals you have for yourself. You don't need to learn anything else--no more trainings, no more webinars, no more books!

You just need a coach who will hold you up and push you forward.

Let's talk today!


Are they missing you?

Let's face it!

Every market is saturated - or quickly becomes so.

So let's cut through the crap with one very important tactic:

your message!

With carefully crafted, creative messaging you will be seen. You will be noticed. You will tap on the souls of those who are aching to find you.

Here's the deal: I want to help you produce the message that will stay with them while they saunter through department stores.

The message that will sit on their minds while having breakfast. The message that leads them to share your products with their friends because they just love who you are!

Your message should make them want to engage. 

Let's make sure you aren't being easily forgotten or overlooked.

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"With his accountability coaching, Torance helped me generate new leads for my startup! His style of communicating is very clear and he asks pointed questions about metrics that I had not yet considered! I would certainly recommend his coaching to anyone hoping to see progress toward achieving a goal!"

"I am so grateful that I got the chance to meet Samantha. She is so warm and inviting. She was easy to talk to, and made our discovery conversation so intuitive. She exposed me to new knowledge about creating a customer avatar. She showed me right away how she could support me in business journey."

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