Trudging "Your Own" Path

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Wow! This is hard!

Who ever said following in God's footsteps was an easy thing? The good thing about it is that we are walking in his footsteps. Have you ever trudged your way through snow that is up to your knees? I have. I would make it about twenty feet and then be ready to throw in the towel. But then, like a £10 note that's blown right into your face (that's $15 for you friends overseas), a glimmer of hope for the weary! There are someone else's footsteps that I can walk through! All of a sudden, the challenge of charting my own path just got a lot easier (except of course if the person's legs are so long that walking in their steps is more like trying to do the dance across a fiery lake!).

That's what it's like to walk in Jesus's footsteps. Everything isn't always sunshine & butterflies. Actually, it's almost Christmas and we've spent several big "family holidays" in a circumstance where a phone call is hard to make. But that definitely doesn't, nor will it, define our experiences thus far. We are having a blast with our new friends and getting to know the new world we are immersed in. We feel very comfortable now, things are familiar and we can get around well enough on our own.

We have had the great privilege of being part one of the most amazing Christmas service we have ever experienced! It was absolutely incredible and inspiring to see so many people come that otherwise may not have stepped foot in church! Our narrow minds are definitely widening as to learning about God's power.

So I guess I don't mind stepping in these snow tracks. Each track may not be easy to reach, but but it'll just make me more nimble in the end right?

To Him be the glory!

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