The Struggle with Missions & "The Joy of the Lord..."

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

By Torance Douse

Being on mission has been something we could have never asked or even hoped for. We are definitely experiencing God in a totally new, different, challenging, but invigorating way. Growth has been taking place and in the growth process new things come alive, but others things have to die in order for that to happen. Samantha and I (Torance) have been stretched to say the least.

We miss our friends and family, we are working outside our comfort zones in a new culture, and not working in our “strengths.” However, we are experiencing the joy of the Lord. We are seeing people meet Christ, grow in Christ, and flourish in Christ. We are seeing a church step into its promised land and “taking back what the devil stole from them.” We are seeing provision after provision for God’s glory to be shown in this area. So Samantha and I are experiencing the joy of the Lord that comes from hearing and doing His perfect will.

Psalms 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

This scripture has been misinterpreted by me so many times. I thought that if I serve God, He will give me what I want. But that is only if what I want is in line with what He wants. That can only come from me delighting myself in Him. That is what make your heart His heart. So then, and only then, will He give you the desires of your heart; because your heart will be His heart.

So we came into this experience wanting the desires of our heart. We wanted to work in our strengths and do what we wanted to do and we were uncomfortable with what we stepped into at first. But God had different desires and when we aligned our hearts with His, the joy of the Lord became our strength and now we are enjoying just being a part of His plan.

Helping the Hope Centre grow in Northern England

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